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The Devil and Polly Toynbee - European Journal - December 2006
I was horrified to see the headline in the Guardian on November 22nd saying "Tories ditch Churchill and follow Polly Toynbee". This was based on a leaked memo from Greg Clark MP, and I wrote to him immediately saying I hoped that the report was based on misinformation from our opponents. I added that I would rather follow the Devil than Polly Toynbee.

The European Citizenship Programme - Plenary speech - October 24 2006
Our sense of citizenship, like our sense of identity, arises from our history, our culture, our language and our experience of life. It comes from the bottom up. This citizenship programme is top-down. It seeks to create a sense of citizenship where none exists. As such, it is doomed to fail and it is wholly improper.

The European Social Model - Plenary speech - September 5 2006
A year ago, British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed this House and asked a vital question: "What sort of social model is it that delivers twenty million unemployed across the EU?". It was a good question, and so far, I haven't heard the answer.

Conservatives and the EU Constitution: Difficult Times Ahead - European Journal - September 2006
David Cameron's decision to extend the link between Tory MEPs and the ultra-federalist EPP group until 2009 will have a profound and damaging impact on the Party's ability to oppose the EU Constitution. By then, it is likely that the German Christian Democrat MEP Hans-Gert Poettering, currently leader of the EPP group, will be President of the parliament

The EPP: Cameron capitulates - Freedom Today - August 2006
The decision of the Conservative leadership to delay its withdrawal from the European People’s Party (EPP) until 2009, announced by David Cameron and William Hague on 13th July, is indefensible, humiliating and wrong. It is impossible to put a positive gloss on it, so I shall not attempt to do so. A week is a long time in politics. Three years to 2009 is much the same as never.

Fifty hours of hearings and nothing to show for it! - Plenary speech - July 5 2006
I sent a copy of Mr. Fava's report to a former staffer of mine, Sally McNamara, who is now International Relations Director for a major Washington public policy institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council. I should like to quote her comments verbatim.

So much for democracy - Plenary speech - June 14 2006
We claim that the EU is a Union of Values based on democracy and the rule of law. Yet when the Danes voted against Maastricht in 1992, and the Irish voted against Nice in 2000, they were told to go away and try again. So much for democracy.

Reinstate Roger - Daily Telegraph - May 19 2006
The Talking about Europe may be off the Conservative Party's agenda right now, but new reaches Spy of a Euro row that David Cameron could do without.

Better Off Out - Speech to Campaign for and Independent Britain - April 28 2006
I am delighted to be here today at this meeting, and sitting along side this distinguished panel that we see here. I am particularly happy to be on the same platform as Doug Nicholls, because I'm sure that Doug and I would disagree over many issues. But we agree about the big issue, that the British people have the capacity, right, duty, manifest destiny to govern themselves in a free and independent nation.

The Nanny-State: a threat to Liberty - Freedom Today - April 4 2006
Stilton cheese (like fox-hunting) is one of the cultural gems of my home county of Leicestershire. Stilton Cheese (like fox-hunting) is under threat from the monstrous regiment of the politically-correct. And blue Stilton is my favourite cheese in all the world, so I was delighted to have the opportunity in February of visiting the Long Clawson Creamery, one of the largest Stilton cheese manufacturers, near Melton Mowbray.

Hey you Tories -- want an extra £½ million? - European Journal - March 14 2006
Conservative MEPs would be at least £½ million a year better off if they left the EPP and formed a new group. On leaving the EPP, they would immediately get more funding than currently during any interim period, even before forming a new group.

Paper Tiger? - Parliament Magazine - February 20 2006
The European parliament’s temporary committee on alleged CIA rendition flights may facilitate new terrorist atrocities on European soil, claims one of its own members. British Conservative Roger Helmer has argued the parliamentary probe into suspected CIA detention centres in Eastern Europe and illegal seizures of terrorist suspects may, in fact, deter vital anti-terror investigations.

CIA Committee - Plenary speech - February 14 2006
Whether we like it or not we are facing a war against terrorism. And the fact is, although some members of this committee may not like it, it is the United States which has borne the burden of this war in the heat of the day, which has provided the lion's share of men and matériel. We would do well to treat our American ally with a little more respect and gratitude.

EU trade policy is biased against Britain - The European Journal - January 10 2006
New figures from the Trade Policy Research Centre (TPRC) show that the EU's trade policy, and particularly its extensive network of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), is radically biased against Britain and British trade interests. More generally, it is biased against the "Anglosphere" -- the English-speaking countries which are former British colonies, or members of the Commonwealth, or both.

Free at last! - Freedom Today - January 2 2006
David Cameron is absolutely firm in his principled decision that Tory MEPs should leave the EPP. He is absolutely right that we should not make euro-sceptic noises in the UK while we cosy-up to the federalists in Brussels (as I and a number of colleagues have argued since 1999).