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by The Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory MP

For many years most MEPs seemed to regard it as their job to represent the EU in Britain, rather than representing British interests in Europe. But in 1999 the Conservatives won the European elections and this brought in a strong group of MEPs dedicated to reversing the drift to federalism. Roger Helmer is an excellent example.

The EU is a giant political conceit, driven by an elite who are remote, expensive, arrogant and wrong. The EU is an attempt to construct a centralised European state in defiance of the principles of self-government or human scale allegiance. Democracy at EU level is a sham: there is no European demos which can make a single electorate or citizenship.

Rather than float along with the tide of Euro- waffle, Roger Helmer strikes out with articles and speeches of clarity and purpose.

For instance he exposes the European gravy train where time serving officials pump out EU propaganda on inflated salaries.

He describes the myth of British 'influence' and how the Conservative Party's attachment to the federalist EPP group has diluted our principles without furthering our aims.

EU projects in Britain are exposed as the worst deals in history, costing us 2 towards the European budget for every 1 we get back.

The case against British membership of the euro is covered in full, and this of course is the next battleground. Politicians hold in trust the rights of the electorate to choose, and to choose not just once but regularly and repeatedly. If Britain gives up the pound we will permanently transfer decisions about our economy and government away from people who are elected and can be removed, to people who are not elected and cannot be removed. That is why it is at root a political decision and has little to do with Gordon Brown's five self-serving economic tests.

This collection of articles and speeches is excellent ammunition in the coming struggle and I commend it.

The Rt. Hon. David Heathcoat-Amory MP

18 January 2002

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