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Conservatives are a broadly eurosceptic party

Letter to the Sunday Telegraph - Sunday, 30th August 2009


You report that in the latest euro elections, over 25 per cent supported eurosceptic parties. But you did not include the Conservatives. We are a broadly eurosceptic party. As my colleague Dan Hannan says: "The EU is making us poorer, and less democratic, and less free."

Most Conservatives would prefer the Common Market we voted for in 1975, rather than the political union now being foisted on us. Many agree with me that we should be better off out. Add in Conservative voters, and it's clear that a substantial majority supported eurosceptic parties last June.

It is scandalous that Labour's failed negotiations on the British rebate have increased our EU budget contributions, yet this is only a tiny fraction of the real cost of membership. Credible estimates of the total cost, of which the largest element is regulatory, suggest a figure of 120 billion, or around 2,000 a year per person in Britain.

Roger Helmer MEP (Con)
Blisworth, Northamptonshire