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Helmer Hails Climate Poll

Saturday, 14th November 2009

Most voters insist climate change is not their doing

East Midlands Conservative MEP Roger Helmer has welcomed a new opinion poll published in The Times on Nov 14th showing that less than half of voters believe that human activity is to blame for climate change.

Only 41% accept such a link. Of the rest, most believe the link is not yet proven, while many argue it is no more than green propaganda. Others doubt that the world is warming at all.

Helmer, who has long campaigned against what he calls “The Great Carbon Myth”, believes that sceptics are gaining ground in the climate debate. He points to opinion polls showing a trend towards scepticism, and to articles in the media treating the arguments of sceptics more seriously.

Helmer cites a recent article on the BBC web-site which was headlined “Whatever happened to global warming?”, while a major feature in the Sunday newspaper stated “Everything you thought you knew about climate change is wrong”. He also draws attention to the interview on the BBC’s Today programme on Nov 12th with prominent Australian sceptic Professor Ian Plimer, author of “Heaven and Earth”, a best-selling book challenging the science of the climate scare.

Helmer is also encouraged by the recent research (University of Bristol, 11th November 2009) arguing that the oceans absorb CO2 much more quickly than previously thought.

Commenting on the opinion poll finding, he says “I believe that this poll demonstrates the basic common sense of the British people. They understand that climate hysteria is based on very suspect computer models, and that it is driven by media hype and, increasingly, by money and massive vested interests. They are no longer willing to spend a fortune, in a recession, on futile attempts to mitigate a speculative problem”.