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This is for people who want more information on actual reports/legislation going through the Parliament.

Preview of Brussels "Mini" Session (13 - 14 October 2004)

Main Events of the Week:

Draft amending budget No 10/2004

This is to increase the appropriations under amending budget 2/2004 which outlined the financial provisions for the European Data Protection Supervisor.

Conservatives will be against this increase

Pre-accession measures for agricultural and rural development in the applicant countries (Bulgaria, Romania)

Eight of the countries that benefited from the original regulation are now part of the EU, so a modification is needed to take this into account and to aid those who are still outside of the EU.

Conservatives will vote with EPP-ED

Information and promotion measures for agricultural products

Revises certain provisions of two earlier regulations in order to simplify the management of information and promotion for agricultural products.

Conservatives will vote with EPP-ED

Seed produced in third countries

This extends the official examination of seed produced in third countries by simplifying the procedures for certification.

Conservatives will vote with EPP-ED

Ratification procedures of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe and the communication strategy

Calls on the Council and the Commission to draw up an appropriate campaign and communication strategy, emphasising elements already in force and stressing new provisions.

Suggests that all ratification procedures be completed by June 2006 and that best practice be shared in terms of parliamentary scrutiny and referendum campaigning.

Conservatives are against the introduction of a European Constitution and will oppose this Motion for a Resolution.

Generalised System of Preferences

A scheme set up to benefit developing countries by granting them preferential treatment in certain trade areas. The Commission wishes to reform the system for 2006-2015

Conservatives welcome the reforms. However, countries that are now competitive should no longer receive preferential treatment. We support a simplification of the entry criteria but insist that there must be transparency in the implementation and internal decision-making processes of the developing countries

Stocktaking of the Prodi Commission

Parliament will debate the term of the current Commission

Conservatives will be able to give a candid assessment of the Prodi Commission.

Relations between the European Union and the Republic of India

The Council and Commission will make statements on EU-India relations

Future of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Following the informal Council meeting for Justice & Home Affairs and with the Council looking ahead to the full meeting in November, this statement will set out the "Tampere 2" agenda for the next 5 years.

Situation in Georgia

Council statement

European Union strategy to combat the use of drugs in sport

The Commission will make a statement on it's plans to fight drugs in sport.

Conservatives will be calling for a clear and effective strategy to deal with the issue of drugs in sport, especially light of the recent problems at the Olympic Games.

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