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Letter to the Editor

The Independent - Sunday, 7th February 2010

Dear Sir,

You report (Feb 7th) that Exxon-Mobil has given "hundreds of thousands of pounds" to climate sceptics. Yet you make no reference to the hundreds of millions of pounds expended by governments, local authorities, academic institutions, think-tanks and environmental foundations to promote climate alarmism. You seem unconcerned by the enormous earnings of people like Al Gore, and Dr. Ravendra Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC, from the global warming industry.

Perhaps we should be grateful for a few dollars spent to give an airing to alternative views, before we crucify our economy on the altar of environmentalism. What we are seeing is a confrontation between, on the one hand, the political, academic and media establishments, with enormous resources, pitted against the mass of ordinary people, and the still, small voice of common sense. And to judge by the opinion polls, common sense is winning.

Yours faithfully,

Roger Helmer MEP