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MEP accuses European Commission of intervention in Irish referendum

Thursday, 1st October 2009

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer has denounced the European Commission's unlawful behaviour in spending taxpayer's money in Ireland in what he termed a clear case of "deliberate political intervention in a referendum in a member state".

This comes following the Commission's awarding of 14.8million of Globalisation Fund money to the redundant workers of Dell in Ireland this month. Mr Helmer pointed out that there is clear due process to be followed when awarding Globalisation Fund money, and that in this case it simply wasn't followed. Addressing Commissioner Špidla during a discussion in the Employment Committee this week, he said,

"We talk about a Europe of values based on democracy and the rules of law, but it is becoming very clear that when you are inclined to do so, you simply ignore the rule of law and you proceed as though no sort of due process was required".

Mr Helmer requested a clear response to his questions, but the Commissioner refused to address the points over due process, instead saying "I visited the site of Dell and discussed these matters with the workers there, and I really can say that the workers in that company felt that the intervention from the Globalisation fund was aid".