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Photo Album - 2003 - 2004

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December 2004
At the exhibiton of the EP's Hunting and Conservation "Inter-Group"

October 2004
Supporting the Vulcan to the Sky Campaign.

September 2004
Roger with assistant Tory Vidler.

July 2004
Roger at the ALEC annual conference in Seattle, USA

July 2004
Roger with Victor Schwartz at the ALEC Conference

July 2004
Roger with Earl Ehrhart at the ALEC Conference

April 2004
Roger visiting the National Forest with Glynis Johnson and National Forest chairman Viv Astling

March 2004
The East Midlands Euro team at the Spring Conference in Harrogate

January 2004
Conservative MEPs led a successful campaign to stop the Red Ensign from being defaced with an EU emblem.

December 2003
Roger addressing an ILPH reception in Brussels.

December 2003
Roger with Andrea Gavinelli - Head of Sector - Animal welfare and identification, European Comission.

December 2003
Roger with Conservative MEP Colleagues Neil Parish and Jacqui Foster

December 2003
Roger with Conservative Leader Michael Howard MP and Chris Heaton-Harris MEP.

October 2003
Roger and Pauline Latham OBE talking to younger voters from the constituency

November 2003
Pauline Latham meeting Leader of the Opposition Michael Howard

November 2003
Roger with colleague Chris Heaton-Harris MEP

October 2003
Roger and Pauline Latham OBE meet Chesterfield activists

October 2003
At Party Conference, Promoting the "Put it to the People" campaign

October 2003
With other MEPs at Conference

October 2003
Roger promoting the UK Organ Donation scheme - and campaigning against Organ trafficking

September 2003
Roger and Chris call for a referendum on the EU Constitution

September 2003
With Chris Heaton-Harris, calling for an end to the trade in cat and dog fur

September 2003
With Pauline Latham (#3 on the East Mids. Euro list) in Brussels

August 2003
Celebrating the Written Declaration on improved conditions for live animal transport

June 2003
Roger votes in the Daily Mail's referendum on the European Constitution.

June 2003
Daniel Hannan, Chris Heaton-Harris and Roger cast their votes

June 2003
Roger on a visit with the Conservatives Transport Group to the Inland & British Waterways Association.

May 2003
Roger with Peter Gorbing, chief executive of Dogs for the Disabled and Wendy Morrell with her dog Caesar

April 2003
The team at the 7th Joint Meeting of the Korea-EU Inter-Parliamentary Exchange

April 2003
Roger with the American Ambassador in Seoul.

April 2003
Roger enjoying an authentic Korean meal

April 2003
Roger and other MEPs at the demilitarized zone at the Pan Mun Jum, South Korea.

April 2003
Roger with a Korean tour guide at the Changauk Palace

April 2003
Roger attends briefing by Head of the EU delegation and his staff posted in Seoul

April 2003
Roger attending a working session on EU enlargement and Bilateral EU-Korea realtions

January 2003
Roger with comic book heroine "Irina Vega MEP"