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The NHS: Time for a dispassionate look

Saturday, 15th August 2009

Roger Helmer, the Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, has this weekend spoken out about fellow MEP Daniel Hannan’s comments about the National Health Service.

Mr Helmer went on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme and said “I think Dan has done us a service by raising these issues which need to be looked at.”

Mr Helmer commented today; “I believe that the Conservative Party is absolutely committed to dealing with the problems within the NHS, such as the waiting lists, the shortage of intensive-care beds and the patients who are kept waiting on trolleys in corridors to massage the government's ridiculous targets.

“The best thing that has come out of this situation is that everyone who is passionate about the NHS knows that there are things that they would change, so now it’s up to David Cameron to lay down our plans to improve the NHS to something that the British people can have faith in.”

Helmer hits back at what Andy Burnham the Labour Health Secretary saying; “If Labour did care as passionately about the NHS as they say, then why can’t we have an open debate about its problems, and then a discussion on how we can move forward and create an even better health service? Labour are shroud in hypocrisy, because they know that their number crunching is what is chiefly to blame”

Mr Helmer goes on to say that; “The British people love the NHS as much as I do, it gives important care, help and peace of mind, knowing that you get treated whether you can pay or not.”