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Plenary speech - Wednesday, 30th January 2008

Mr. President

I understand that on the day the Bali Climate Conference commenced, there were so many private jets at Bali's airport that they ran out of parking space. Thus do our achievements fall short of our aspirations.

The Bali Conference was supposed to pave the way for a post-Kyoto consensus. But Kyoto has failed. Not only did we fail to engage some of the world's largest emitters. Here in Europe only a handful of member-states will actually achieve the Kyoto targets. Indeed the US, which we vilify for not ratifying Kyoto, is actually doing better than the EU on its emissions trend.

Yet we have agreed little more at Bali than to keep talking, in our attempts to replace one failed climate treaty with another.

I would like to see us worry less about climate change, and more about energy security. Let's hear less about wind farms and auto emissions, more about investment in nuclear generating capacity and waste-to-energy incinerators.