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Adapting to climate change in Europe

Plenary Speech - Thursday, 10th April 2008

Mr. President

I have four quick questions on climate change. Firstly, is global warming happening? Answer: no, the world has got slightly cooler over the last 10 years and the rate of cooling is accelerating.

Secondly, is it caused by mankind? Answer: no, there is increasing scientific evidence to show that what climate change we see is part of natural cycles and has very little or nothing to do with human activity.

Thirdly, can we make a difference? Even those who believe in global warming accept that the whole of the Kyoto process, if it were fully implemented and it will not be would make a tiny difference in 100 years time to global temperatures. All the efforts we are making will have practically no effect.

Fourthly, what will it do to our economies? It will be hugely damaging. As Mr Pęk rightly said, we are pouring truckloads of money into a doomed project and causing huge damage to ourselves, to European economies and to our children and grandchildren.