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President Václav Klaus deserves an apology

Plenary Speech - Monday, 15th December 2007

Mr President

I understand that a meeting took place last week between the heads of the political groups and Mr Václav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic. It has been widely reported that, at that meeting, several of our colleagues, in particular Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit, addressed the President of the Czech Republic in insolent, insulting and intolerant terms, in such a way as to bring this House into disrepute. I greatly regret the fact that our President of this Parliament, who was at the meeting, failed to rein them in and bring them to order.

Earlier today he said that if we had been there we might have heard it differently. However, if he believes he has been misreported, he should come to this House and tell us how and why.

I should like to request that the President of our Parliament write to President Klaus and apologise on behalf of Parliament for this disgraceful behaviour.