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The people have spoken

Plenary speech - Wednesday, 12th March 2008

Mr. President,

The ratification of the Renamed EU Constitution threatens the democratic legitimacy of the European project itself. The peoples of France and Holland rejected the Constitution. Yet it has now come back with a new name, and with what Angela Merkel called "cosmetic changes".

Now the institutions and the member-states, including the Labour government in the UK, are dishonestly pretending that these cosmetic changes justify breaking their promise of a referendum. They do not, and the pretence that they do is a huge breach of faith with the people.

In Britain, a campaign group has just undertaken an independently monitored postal ballot in ten Westminster constituencies. Over 150,000 voters responded. 88% want a referendum. 89% oppose the Treaty. In six constituencies, more people voted for a referendum than voted for their current member of parliament.

The people have spoken. The Treaty cannot be legitimate without their consent. The European Council must listen. We must have a referendum.