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EU squanders taxpayers' money on US campaigns

Wednesday, 9th March 2011

An East Midlands MEP has challenged the European Commission over its spending on political campaigns in the USA.

It is reported that the EU’s fund spent 2.3 million Euros last year supporting lobby groups in the USA, which are opposed to the death penalty. Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP, has tabled a written question in the European Parliament challenging the use of EU taxpayers’ money to promote contentious political campaigns in foreign countries.

Helmer points out that repeated opinion polls in the UK show that, despite the politically correct position of the EU, most British voters support the death penalty in principle. They will be concerned that their money is being spent to promote a contrary position. Helmer argues that they may also wonder why in these times of austerity the EU is squandering money on political campaigns outside of the EU.

Commenting on his initiatives Helmer said:

“The USA is a free and democratic nation and a key ally of European countries. It is outrageous that the EU is wasting taxpayers’ money on political campaigns in a friendly and democratic foreign country.”