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Business Scam still at large, warns MEP - Friday, 28 June 2002
Local Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer, has warned small businesses in the East Midlands to watch out for the European City Guide Scam which is still in operation.

MEP Protests against French ban on lamb - Wednesday, 26 June 2002
Damaging French plans, due to be put into action next Monday, will effectively ban all exports of British lamb. Local Conservative MEP Roger Helmer yesterday joined a delegation of farmers and other representatives of the farming industry in protesting against the ban. They carried a message for the French government - "Don't Ban Our Lamb".

Letter to the Editor - Nottingham Evening Post, Northampton Chronicle and Echo, Leicester Mercury - Wednesday, 26 June 2002
Lib Dem MEP Nick Clegg says Conservative MEPs are wrong about government plans for regional assemblies (Letters, 20 June). He says this is not an EU conspiracy but he then goes on to say that "nowhere else in Europe is government as centralised as it is in England". Labour has come up with this nonsense not because local authorities are failing or because there is a popular demand for change, but out of a desire to do everything the European way.

New Publication Exposes Brussels Propaganda - Thursday, 20 June 2002
As we approach a referendum on the euro a new publication titled "Federalist Thought Control: The Brussels Propaganda Machine" has been produced by the Bruges Group to kick-off a campaign against the EUís attempts at undermining a fair and democratic debate in Britain.

Letter to the Editor - Nottingham Evening Post - June 20 2002
So Miguel Head thinks the Danes are changing their mind about the euro (Letters, 17 June). As a member of the European Parliamentary Intergroup, SOS Democracy, I have had a number of conversations with our Chairman who is a Danish MEP and he certainly has not warmed to the euro.

MEP meets Human Rights Crusader James Mawdsley - Tuesday, 18 June 2002
Local Conservative Euro-MP Roger Helmer has today met with human rights promoter James Mawdsley to talk about the role of the European Parliament in Burma and how the EU should intervene.

Euro-MP saves funding for PhD students - Monday, 17 June 2002
The European Parliament today voted in favour of an amendment tabled by East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer which will save EU funding for British PhD students.

Euro-MPs to Meet Farmers at Lincolnshire Show - Monday, 17 June 2002
Local Euro-MPs Chris Heaton-Harris and Roger Helmer will be speaking to farmers and answering questions on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) at the Lincolnshire Show on Wednesday (19 June). They will be joined by the Conservative delegation spokesman on Agriculture and Rural Development, Neil Parish MEP.

MEPs face legionella threat in Strasbourg Parliament - Monday, 10 June 2002
Local Conservative Euro-MPs, Roger Helmer and Chris Heaton-Harris are supporting calls for this week's meeting of the European Parliament to be suspended following the discovery of a strain of legionella in the European Parliament's building in Strasbourg last week.

Local MEP outraged at EU fudging of Rules on Euro - Wednesday, 5 June 2002
Local Conservative Euro-MP, Roger Helmer, is outraged at the latest attempt to change the rules on the euro in order to avoid embarrassment to the French government. The adoption of important guidelines calling for France to achieve a balanced budget in 2004 has been unnecessarily delayed by political intervention in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday.

Government Release White Paper on "Europe Day" - 9 May 2002
Local Conservative Euro-MPs Chris Heaton-Harris and Roger Helmer have warned that the White Paper 'Your Region, Your Choice - Revitalising the English Regions' poses a major threat to the long-term integrity of the United Kingdom.

EU formally finalise Directive on Vibrations - 24 April 2002
Conservative MEPs from the East Midlands, Chris Heaton-Harris and Roger Helmer, have condemned a new EU Directive on Vibration which is set to be formally nodded through the European Parliament tomorrow (25/04).

Mel Read MEP needs to get a sense of humour - April 2002
In a recent version of my electronic newsletter, "Straight Talking", I recounted a light-hearted piece of gossip from the corridors of the European Parliament. Former president of the European Parliament, Nicole Fontaine, had published her memoirs under the French title "Mes Combats". Gossips in the parliament were suggesting that the German edition would be called "Mein Kampf" as they both loosely translate into English as "My Struggle".